The SpitzerGraben in the wine region and world heritage Wachau is a side valeey of the Danube valley, which leads from Spitz towards the north to the Waldviertel through Elsarn am Jauerling and Mühldorf. It is passed through the Spitzerbach, which reaches the Danube river near the west end of Spitz.
Here are the highest and steepest terraces of the Wachau wine . winerys produce their special wines under difficult conditions. Their reputation reaches far beyond their borders. The heat of the sun is saved int the walls of the stone terraces. It is passed through to the the wines what gives them their distinctive flavour pattern. Riesling, Neuburger and Grüner Veltliner are the varieties that feel most comfortable in this climate and are known for their most fragrant bouquet. The Wachau winerys invite you to wine tasting, and the cozy Heurigen in the region have their own productions in their sales range. Naturally and unique products from the SpitzerGraben are produced by floor-standing citizens.
A special attraction is the Panoramatrail SpitzerGraben "About Wine and Apricot" . This trail in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world offers unique impressions , fantastic views and information on fauna, flora, vineyards and apricot . Along this unique way, visitors can see why the wine or apricot can reach such a unique quality.

How can you find the Spitzergraben?