Somewhere in the dry highlands of northern China was the apricot cultivated and then emigrated to the west. It arrived in the danube region and has been for Christ's birth in the Wachau valley home. Here they find ideal conditions for their flourishing instead.

It should, however, still take almost
2,000 years before the apricot trees left home garden and gave the Wachau its world fame as a paradise of apricots.
Meanwhile, the apricot has become to a major economic factor in the Wachau region. The aromatic orange-yellow fruits have long been conquering the markets in the world. The apricots bloom in early April puts the entire Wachau in a pale pink pastellton gloss. This became the major tourist attraction in this region.

The Wachau apricot can be grown elsewhere to, but the harvest will never reach the quality of the Wachau there because of the absence of the peculiar weather. From the ground of the Wachau apricot rightly EU seal, which the consumer confirms that only apricots with this character home in the Wachau region were harvested.